Management Consulting



Interim CEO 24/7 provides a variety of services to its clients, each tailored to the specific needs of that client. Whether we are working one-on-one with an executive, or working on department-level or enterprise-wide processes, our goal is always the same…to ensure best practices are utilized.


At Interim CEO 24/7, we understand commerce in today’s digital environment. We place the highest priorities on security and confidentiality. And we focus on people…not paper. ( At the conclusion of an engagement, many consulting firms provide their clients with cut-and-paste proposals and recommendations. And the proposals probably look a lot like the ones presented to their previous clients).





We Need to Talk…


We are usually retained by the Board of Directors within an organization. A client might also be a private equity firm, a venture capital firm, a group of outside investors or creditors, or an element within the supply chain. Before accepting an engagement, we make certain that there is a ‘good fit’ with the prospective client. We establish attainable goals and deliver quantifiable results.




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