About Us

Interim CEO 24/7 is a division of CEO 24/7, Inc., and was founded as a consulting organization, providing technology solutions and management expertise to start-ups, turnarounds, and companies in transition. In the 1990’s, we provided advice and C-Level Interim Executives to manufacturers, engineering firms, software developers, and network providers to take their products and services to market.

Today, we provide start-up and turnaround management, restructurings, M&A support, succession management, and strategic consulting to public and private companies, investment firms, healthcare, and organizations of all sizes across a wide range of industries.

Feel free to contact us by telephone, fax, VoIP, SMS, FaceTime, or e-mail, and be assured that you will receive a prompt response.

Interim CEO 24/7 maintains offices in Atlanta, Georgia U.S.A., and establishes interim offices on location, when necessary,  during engagements. Our IEs are strategically located in more than 100 cities around the globe (map indicates states in the USA and countries represented worldwide) .


Interim CEO 24/7 promotes a balanced lifestyle of career, education, and personal time.