Information Technology

logo By Jhonathan Zamarchi
We have a significant number of CxOs working in various sectors, such as:
  • Application development
  • Communication equipment (air, land, marine)
  • Cybersecurity
  • Data Centers
  • Data storage
  • Enterprise software
  • Hardware manufacturing
  • Mobile computing
  • Social media
  • Software publishing
  • Transaction processing


The technology, while promising, was not “fully baked” and early  installations were experiencing    reliability issues.  In addition, the Company  was inadequately capitalized. The Company was  stuck in “science experiment” mode with  no clear direction regarding how  to effectively commercialize  the    technology. Emphasis was being placed  on  hardware  rather than the core underlying value of its software and data collection. Financially the company was  unprofitable and burning through significant cash.


The challenge was to grow the division as fast as the Internet software division. We worked for many years on the traditional hourly billing basis. As the Internet age matured, it was clear that a more predictable and higher margin product approach was necessary. As a majority of the competitors in the market billed high hourly rates with results that varied, I launched an initiative to package our knowledge and expertise into professional service fixed price offerings that increased gross margins.


I was recruited as CEO of a $600M professional services firm that had been assembled by a leading private equity investor. The firm was comprised of about 30 acquired companies, had a global footprint and was delivering good profitability on a consolidated basis. My assignment was to develop a compelling growth strategy and lead the firm through a successful IPO process over a 12 to 18 month timeframe.


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