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Our CEO recently returned from a multiple-week tour of eastern Europe where he met with our Interim Executives based in the region, and also met with clients and potential clients. Economic growth continues to improve in several sectors such as technology, CPG, hospitality, healthcare, and manufacturing. Prospects for interim opportunities are on the rise, especially with VC-backed startups in the tech sector.

Contact us for additional information regarding our interim management services, and how we might assist you in reaching your organization’s objectives.


Nicki Norris Appointed CEO of Clinical Resource Network



CEO 24/7 Adds to Its Executive Roster

CEO 24/7, LLC is pleased to announce that it has made significant additions to its roster of C-level executives. Among the impressive group are alumni of many of the world’s most respected organizations, including GE, IBM, Kodak, Toshiba, AT&T, Delta, Sun, QualComm, DuPont, CitiGroup, HCA, BT, and others. With many possessing PhDs and MBAs from leading institutions, and hundreds of years of cumulative organizational experience, they have already made a significant and positive impact for their clients. 

For information on how we can assist your organization, please contact us at CEO 24/7.



CEO 24/7 announced that it has established a new division of the company to expand its Interim CEO offerings, appropriately named Interim CEO 24/7, along with a website address of . The new division and website will expand the services previously offered by CEO 24/7.



CEO 24/7…providing ‘Leadership Without the Learning Curve’