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To Our Clients…

At Interim CEO 24/7, we have the resources your organization requires to meet its objectives. Our company provides strategic, financial, and operational expertise to our clients. It is the reason that the most admired organizations in the world seek our advice and our services.

We assist organizations and potential clients by analyzing strengths and weaknesses and determining the best course of action for the client. That often includes augmenting the executive management team. Our executives seek out increased efficiencies in operations; areas such as procurement, technology, manufacturing, and logistics. Our CFOs analyze the financial conditions and strategies, while our CMOs put the sales and marketing organization under the microscope. We scrutinize work flow and cash flow, with the objective of increasing free cash flow.

In order to maximize value to our clients, we have assembled a select group of C-level executives with specialized talents and abilities. Located in more than 100 cities around the world, they each bring years of experience to the table, and cumulatively have worked with thousands of organizations. Some are specialists with startups, M&As, and turnarounds…others have guided global corporations. Each has been a mentor to others during their professional career, and is available to guide your organization toward its goal.

At Interim CEO 24/7, we are pleased to be able to provide you with that specialist, ‘on demand’, when you need it.

Several examples of utilizing our services:

Scenario #1:

After months of deliberations, the Board of a major publicly-traded corporation has decided to replace their CEO. A Board member contacts us on a Friday afternoon and provides us with the details, and within minutes we are able to securely and confidentially transmit a profile to our Interim CEOs who we know to be qualified and available. During the weekend, we discuss the potential opportunity with our people, our CEOs, and the prospective Client. Pending a LOE, we provide a short list of CEO candidates, and arrange teleconferences / videoconferences with the Client’s Board members. Within seven days of initial contact, the Client announces the selection and appointment of the Interim CEO.

Scenario #2:

The CFO of a publicly-traded corporation requests an emergency leave of absence for 90 days. The company contacts us, providing details about the organization, and we immediately forward the information to our available and qualified CFOs, under an NDA. Within days, we are able to have an Interim CFO on site at the Client’s location.

Scenario #3:

A Private Equity firm is considering a majority investment in a company to add to the their portfolio of companies. We are requested to perform an assessment during the due diligence stage. During the negotiations between the PE firm and the company, it is decided that the current management at the to-be-acquired firm will not continue with the new owners. CEO 24/7 is asked to provide a C-level team consisting of a CEO, CFO, and CMO for the first twelve months. At 90 days into the engagement, the CEO brings in an Interim CTO for 60 days to revamp the IT infrastructure. At nine months, CEO 24/7 is requested to assist in recruiting a permanent CEO and other C-level officers for the hand-off which occurs on time at the end of the twelve-month initial agreement.

Scenario #4:

A prospective Client in the Medical Device sector contacts us with a problem. Although they have developed and patented a new device, they have been unsuccessful in obtaining investment capital in order to take it to market, and agree to retain our firm. Several of our MDs/PhDs are asked to review the organization and the product lines, and provide recommendations to the Client. An industry expert among our group is chosen to lead the Client’s organization, fine tuning the product development cycle, building the marketing organization, proving the ROI and presenting it to private investors. This results in significant investments in the company, and allows the Client to successfully take the product to market, providing substantial returns to their investors.


For sample profiles of our Interim CEOs, COOs, CFOs, CIOs, and CTOs, please click on this link: ‘Interim Executives‘ or click on the tab in the left sidebar.

Contacting Us

All communications between clients/prospective clients and Interim CEO 24/7 are considered highly confidential. We are pleased to speak with you about your organization’s objectives, and we offer the first hour of consultation for free, after which hourly rates apply. We recommend that prospective clients securely transmit information to us. We will arrange a teleconference, video-conference, or meeting with you and with one of our Managing Directors on extremely short notice.

Our clients compliment us on the responsiveness of Interim CEO 24/7. Since time is critical and delays are costly, our SOTA technology and industry experience enables us to provide a C-level Executive or Executive Team for a client’s organization within hours or days of initial contact. We form a partnership with our clients, which often requires constant communications in the early stages. Once a Letter of Engagement is in place, our Directors handle the details and monitor the progress of the engagement.

We can be reached during your regular business hours, after hours, and on weekends…you pick the time.

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A few words from our Clients…

“I would like to thank you for your professionalism and quick response.”

SrVP – International consumer electronics manufacturer

“I can truly say you operate from a class act perspective and I would feel very comfortable in recommending others looking for Interim CEOs”

Chairman of the Board – Healthcare organization

“We were particularly impressed with the CEO credentials presented to us by your firm.”

Managing Partner for a Private Equity group


“I really appreciated your participation in this process and I would be happy to act as a reference if I can help you in any way.“

Board member for an international manufacturer; Chairman & CEO


“Thank you for the prompt and professional way that this has been handled.”

Chairman of the Board – Technology company